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The School consists of eight academic departments (listed to the left) supported by an administrative team. The School teaches a range of languages (Catalan, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, at degree level, as well as other languages such as Japanese, Arabic and Chinese, for students and staff wishing to learn these).

We also provide teaching in academic literacy and writing for home and international students. We also teach degree programmes that focus on the linguistics, the literature and culture of the peoples that speak these languages.

As well as this, we teach programmes in Linguistics, with a focus on English Language, in Film Studies and in Comparative Literature. Some of our research investigates aspects of the literary, visual and intellectual cultures of the world, focussing on those areas where Catalan, French, German, Portuguese and Russian are spoken, but extending to compare the literature of these cultures with the literature of the wider world. Research in Linguistics focusses on the nature of language itself, and how it is used, while research in Film Studies investigates how culture and film interact and how we can understand film as a fundamental part of the modern world. 

 The School office is in the ArtsOne Building, Room 1.08. 



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