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Doctoral Research Record

At the beginning of each academic year you will be provided with various forms that go to make up your Doctoral Research Record [DOC 403KB]. This record is designed to enable you to monitor your progress in close consultation with your supervisor. The Record includes the following documents:

Record of Supervisory Meeting [DOC 39KB] (this form can be used in conjunction with ‘Record a Supervision’ in MySIS)

Research Training Plan [DOC 31KB]
Research Seminars, Colloquia and Conferences [DOC 39KB]
Research Outputs and Publications [DOC 39KB]
Training Needs Analysis [DOC 269KB]
Teaching Permission Form [DOC 41KB]
Teaching Record [DOC 39KB]

Some of these forms, such as the 'Record of Supervisory Meeting', should be completed after each supervision and the 'Research Training Plan' after your first supervision. Others will assist you when you come to complete your report for your Annual Review: e.g. 'Research Seminars, Colloquia and Conferences', 'Research Outputs and Publications'. The detailed questionnaire on 'Training Needs Analysis' is intended to facilitate your progress by enabling you to identify periodically research training needs in consultation with your supervisor.

The 'Teaching Permission Form' only applies to those research students seeking permission to teach. Assuming approval to teach is obtained, you will then be able to keep a log of teaching using the 'Teaching Record Form'.

You are advised to complete the relevant sections of your Doctoral Research Record as appropriate during the year. The Record, which you are required to keep, should be seen as a developmental aid that will assist you in taking forward your research in an effective and structured way.

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