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Extenuating Circumstances

This online form should be used by all students of SLLF modules who wish to make a claim for extenuating circumstances relating to missed examinations, assessments, or non-submission of coursework, including extensions to coursework deadlines.

The online system will automatically forward your claim to the appropriate member of staff. If you wish to discuss your claim before or after submitting it, you should contact the relevant staff member (listed below) directly.

For claims made over Christmas vacation:

Since QMUL will be closed between 23 December and 3 January, we will not be able to review or consider new EC claims during that time.  We will make every effort to get through all the claims that are submitted over the holidays as quickly as possible once we return in January.  The decisions and extensions will be made retroactively.

You still need to submit any EC claim to request extensions for your coursework deadlines no later than 24 hours after the coursework deadline.  School policy is to offer no more than 2 weeks’ extension to deadlines, so you need to assume that if your claim is approved, a two week extension is the most you’ll be given. So you need to submit your work as soon as you can, WITHOUT WAITING for a decision to be made on your EC claim.

No decision can be made on an EC claim without evidence being submitted. If you do not have evidence (such as a doctor’s note) at the time you submit the claim, you can send it along afterwards, within 2 weeks.

For information and examples of what constitutes appropriate evidence, please see the Extenuating Circumstances Guide:

For claims made during Semesters 1 and 2

Students must complete all parts of this form and submit it - together with appropriate documentary evidence (such as a medical certificate) – before the assessment deadline; claims submitted more than 24 hours after the assessment deadline will be rejected. No claims will be granted without supporting documentary evidence.

For claims made during the Examination Term

Students must complete all parts of this form and submit it - together with appropriate documentary evidence (such as a medical certificate) – as soon as possible after the examination, and in any case no less than three working days before the meeting of the SLLF examination board’s Extenuating Circumstances Committee Meeting (the date of which will be posted on the SLLF website). No claims will be granted without supporting documentary evidence.

For further information on what constitutes extenuating circumstances

Students should in the first instance refer to the SLLF undergraduate handbook available on QM+   It is also strongly recommended that students read the Extenuating Circumstances booklet available from the Advice and Counselling Service, and the college’s Academic Regulations (Section 3.73-3.82).

Undergraduate (BA) and study abroad programmes:

First Year Students:
William Tweddle     Bancroft 1.36,  020 7882 6626

Second Year and ERASMUS/Associate students:
Dr Olga Makarova     ArtsOne 245,  020 7882 8313

Final Year and Year Abroad students:
Dr Weronika Gorska-Fernando     Bancroft 1.30,  020 7882 2840

International Foundation Programme in Humanities and Social Sciences
Mark Holloway, Programme Convenor     Bancroft Building 136,  020 7882 2836 

Pre-Masters Graduate Diplomas
Jessica Cooper, Programme Convenor     Bancroft Building 136,  020 7882 2831

Postgraduate (MA) programmes:
MA students should consult the senior tutor for their MA Programme regarding extenuating circumstances:

MA in Anglo-German Cultural Relations: Professor Rüdiger Görner ( ) 020 7882 8304
MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching: Professor Kathryn Richardson ( 020 7882 2835
MA in Comparative Literature: Professor Leonard Olschner ( 020 7882 8320
MA in Documentary Practice: Ms Athena Mandis ( 020 7882 8788
MA in Film: Dr Steven Eastwood ( ) 020 7882 2992
MA in Linguistics: Dr Esther de Leeuw ( 020 7882 8435

During the Examinations Term, all claims will go directly to Rosine Smyrl, Student Experience ArtsOne 103a  020 7882 2825.

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