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Queen Mary University of London's (QMUL) new Confucius Institute, a collaboration between QMUL and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), aims to strengthen educational, cultural, and business links between London and Shanghai, two leading financial centres, by facilitating student and staff exchanges, academic collaboration and joint research; providing courses in Chinese Language and Culture; and promoting collaborations in the areas of finance and economics.The Institute was established in September 2015 with support from Hanban, Confucius Institute Headquarters, which is responsible for promoting Chinese language and culture abroad.

Professor Colin Grant is our new Vice-Principal for International, and currently studying Chinese Mandarin at the Confucius Institute. 

'I’ve also just resumed my Mandarin learning with lessons at Queen Mary’s Confucius Institute; I think that it’s really important that when I go on overseas trips to China I can say more than just the basics.' [Colin speaks German, French and Portuguese]  Read the full interview here 

Chinese Language and Culture Courses 2017-2018

Chinese Language and Culture Courses 2017-2018-payment link [PDF 234KB]

Check out our timetable of Chinese Language and Culture Courses 2017-2018 [PDF 235KB]

Check out our Dates and Fees 2017 - 2018

 Why study Mandarin Chinese?

  • you may be interested in the language and culture as a student of language yourself;
  • you may be planning to visit China and/or take part in an exchange programme;
  • you may wish to improve your employability on graduating from QMUL by demonstrating your international attributes;
  • you may be teaching or studying on one of QMUL's joint programmes in Beijing or Nanchang.

Whatever your reason, you will find a friendly welcome at the Institute, and classes which will quickly help to improve your language skills.

  • We also offer one-to-one private lessons for those who wish to study Mandarin Chinese for Specific Purposes, or need individual tuition for other reasons.

Confucius Institute Scholarships

Students will have the opportunity to be considered for a Confucius Institute scholarship, which is based on merit, to the top achieving students on their Chinese language and culture course. The scholarships will be a refund of fees paid at the beginning of the year. You do not need to apply for these scholarships as you will be automatically eligible once you have paid your fees. 
  • Scholarships awarded on merit demonstrated by passing the HSK test for their level (teacher to define the level) + 400-500 words on how the Chinese course has helped, or will help, them to develop in their academic or professional career
  • HSK test preparation will be free for those who achieve 80% attendance by the date of registration for the test
  • Students to pay for their own test 

China Summer Camp 2018 

Applications are now open for our 2 week summer camp to China (Shanghi and Beijing). Click for more information. There are limited spaces available on this programme which is on a first come basis. China summer camp 2016 video

Working with Business

Strongly underpinned by both institutions' research in the areas of economics and finance, and drawing on the academic expertise of QMUL and SUFE, the QMUL Confucius Institute offers bespoke language, customs and doing business in China courses for professionals and executives in the business community preparing for a stay in China. Our experienced staff can visit your premises to deliver training, or arrangements can be made for individuals or small groups to visit the QMUL campus.

Please contact Kathryn Richardson for further information.

Working with schools and Colleges

A key component of the work of the QMUL Confucius Institute is to work with in and around East London to promote Chinese language learning & teaching, and a wider understanding of Chinese culture. Our trained Chinese language teachers are able to visit your school to deliver an agreed programme to suit your needs, or alternatively, school groups are very welcome to visit the QMUL campus. 

Please contact the Confucius Institute for further information.


The Confucius Institute will be running HSK Exam prep classes and Chinese language courses this summer. Please click  for more information.

We also offer for those who wish to study Mandarin Chinese for Specific Purposes, or need individual tuition for other reasons.

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