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Module Registration

Official registration of all modules that you will be assessed on this year is mandatory. Online module registration will be completed for you within the first two weeks of semester one, following your pre-enrolment and receipt of your provisional choice (pre-registration) of elective modules.

The Admissions Office will send you pre-enrolment instructions upon confirmation of your place on the programme (you must have accepted an unconditional offer, or confirmed you have met all requirements of a conditional offer).

Before your module registration can be completed we ask that you make a provisional choice of options and your selections will be entered into the online system on your behalf. These will not be approved until after the Induction Meeting where you will also be allocated an academic adviser with whom you will have the opportunity to discuss your choice of options.

It is possible for option modules to become over or under subscribed. Therefore, availability of some modules may not be confirmed until the Induction Meeting has taken place and you may be asked to change your selection. We will need to have received your full choice of elective modules for this year before your online registration can be completed. It is not possible to submit or approve a partial selection.


It is important that we are aware of the options you wish to choose before you begin the programme. An information pack will be sent to offer holders from August. This will include a Pre-Registration Form for you to complete and return with your provisional option choices (and any reserve selections) before you come to the Induction Meeting. This will give us an idea of numbers for each option and help determine availability.

  1. Complete pre-registration form with your provisional choice of options.
  2. Your selections will be entered into the online registration system (this will be completed for you).
  3. Approval of your selections will be completed after the induction meeting.
  4. You may request amendments to your selections within the first two weeks of term.
  5. Second semester options only may also be amended at the start of semester two.
  6. Access to materials on QMplus (online learning environment) will be available within 24 hours of your module registration being approved.

The number or value of elective modules you can choose is shown in the programme structure.

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