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Student Enquiry Centre updates - Tuesday 28th May menu

Student Enquiry Centre updates - Tuesday 28th May 2013

Lost property box for items left in examination rooms

Could you please help us advertise the lost property box by posting the below blurb on your social media pages, QM Plus student comm areas etc?  It applies to exams held during the main examination period only (e.g. not UG Medicine and Dentistry exams).  Thanks in advance!

The Student Enquiry Centre has a lost property box full of items which have been left in exam rooms from the main examination period (29th April - 7 June 2013).  It includes items such as calculators, pencil cases, text books, coats, scarves and even whole backpacks!  If you think you've left something in an exam room which you wish to retrieve then please visit us during our opening hours (  Please note we'll keep items from the main examination period (along with any lost property from the late summer resits in August) until Friday 29th November 2013.  After this date, any items which we can denote will go to charity and any other items will be destroyed.

Changes to the Student Enquiry Centre opening hours

Due to a change in a staff member's hours, the Student Enquiry Centre has reviewed its opening hours.  The new hours have been approved by the Head of ARCS and will be in place from 10th June 2013 (see below).  We will publicise these news hours on our website shortly and include them in the June edition of QM Student e-bulletin.

Please note we will be closed all day on Monday 24th June 2013 due to a training session with our SLC Relationship Manager and an enrolment planning afternoon.

New hours:

Monday to Friday  9am - 4.30pm except once a month (see following dates) when we will open at 11am.

2013: Wednesday 24th July, 21st August, 11th September, 23rd October, 20th November, 11th December

2014: 29th January, 26th February, 26th March, 18th June, 23rd July, 20th August, 10th September

16th April 2014 - we will be closed all day for enrolment planning

Official publication of results dates

As some of you may know, the official dates for the publication of results are below:

UG students - Wednesday 10th July 2013

PGT students - Monday 29th July 2013

2012/13 modules and their overall marks will not appear on transcripts and all results will be shown as provisional on MySIS until this date.  Finalists will be sent a complete transcript to their results address by the Student Records team shortly after the publication date.  Any other students who wish to receive an official provisional transcript will need to request one (see following link on how they can request a provisional transcript:

Can Schools and Institutes please ensure that they do not refer to any other results dates as 'official'.  Any other dates will refer to the date Schools/Institutes publish their students' provisional results.

Replacement id card payment on eshop feedback

As you will know we recently put the option to pay for replacement id cards on eshop.  I'd thought I'd let you all know that this seems to be popular with students as we are receiving payments via eshop for new cards every day, and it is working well for us and the students.

Student Enquiry Centre branding

Could I please ask that all staff no longer refer students to the "Registry", "Student Administration" or "Student Records" etc when directing students to CB02 or transferring calls to extension 5005, but refer to us as the "Student Enquiry Centre". Thanks in advance!

We''ll be looking at improving our branding and our visibility to students over the summer.  I'll also be preparing entries on the Student Enquiry Centre for the Student Guide (which will be an online website from 2013/14), department handbook template, Advice and Counselling Service A to Z support services guide and the June and July editions of the QM student e-bulletin.  I understand many hard copy documents (i.e. handbooks) will be updated over the summer, but where possible (i.e. online resources) can any Registry, Student admin etc references and mention of CB05 please be updated, if not done so already.

Use of the QM seal

For information, the College seal is for official central QM documents only e.g. student status, bank, council tax, degree award letters and transcripts.  It cannot be used for anything that hasn't gone through a formal QA process e.g. enrolment, exam boards etc.  Therefore, the Student Enquiry Centre will not use it on external company documents.  If a student brings in an external company document which asks us to verify they are/were a student at QM, we will sign and stamp it with the Academic Registry stamp, but will not emboss it with the QM seal.

The Student Enquiry Centre is not able to complete forms which ask for a character reference for a student.  

Internship contracts forms

For information, the Student Enquiry Centre and Careers Service are not able to sign internship contracts for individual students.  This is because these contracts ask the College to endorse the internship, which neither service is in a position to do.  Therefore, approving internships is at the discretion of the School/ Institute.  If a School/Institute signs an internship contract but it requires an official stamp, then the Student Enquiry Centre is happy to stamp it with the Academic Registry stamp, as long as it has already been clearly signed by a School staff member.

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