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Module structure

How are our modules structured?

Modules are normally valued at either 15 or 30 credits, and you will be registered for 120 credits each academic year.  Each module involves upwards of two hours of teaching per week (some, such as language or film studies modules, may involve more than this). Each programme of study will have a central pathway of modules which you are required to take, and you will be expected to take a further minimum number of modules in your degree subject(s) each year to meet the programme requirements.  In most cases, you will have a range of options to choose from and the opportunity to consider options from outside your core subject area. You will be guided to ensure that optional choices follow coherent pathways in linguistics, literature, the visual arts and film, thought, and cultural studies. In your first year there is a restricted choice, since our aim is to give you an introduction to the whole range of the subject, but in your second and final years you have greater choice and can select modules according to your strengths and interests.

The balance of modules and amount of choice depends on your degree programme. For example, in the first year, a Single Honours German student would take 30 credits of German language, and 30 credits of the Foundation module in German Studies and would then have some choice about the remaining 60 credits. However, a French and Hispanic Studies first year student will take four required 30 credit modules: the relevant language module and the relevant Foundation module in each subject, with no leeway in first year for optional choices.

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