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Pastoral care

Pastoral care

We take the pastoral care of students very seriously and pride ourselves on being informal and approachable.


The transition from school to university

The School of Languages, Linguistics and Film is very aware of the importance of making the transition from school to university as successful as possible for you in your first-year. We benefited recently from the experience and diagnosis of Ian Claussen, a languages teacher from a nearby Sixth-Form College, who was appointed by Queen Mary precisely to monitor transition from school to university. The feedback he supplied over the two years he was with us enabled us to develop our induction practice further.


What do we offer as support to students?

From Day One, you will have an Adviser with whom you will build up a relationship lasting throughout your degree course, and often well beyond. This person is a member of the academic staff, available to discuss academic and personal matters on a confidential basis. There are regular advising hours throughout the year and, in addition, you can always arrange a separate appointment with your Adviser if necessary.

We run a 6-week induction session for first-year students in weeks 1-6 of the first semester. All advisees meet as a group with their Adviser to discuss how the School works, what is expected of them, how to organise their lives as students, etc. The aim at this point is also to help you to get to know as many other people as possible so that you can start building up a network of friends from the start.


Personal Development Portfolios

The College provides an extensive support network of free, professional advice to students in the following fields: legal, financial, dyslexia, counselling (and others). So, if an academic Adviser can't help with your needs, s/he can direct you to the appropriate advice centre.

The Queen Mary Student Union offers a wide range of support services to students.

The SLLF Student-Staff Liaison Committee meets regularly and works at maintaining a good dialogue between students and teachers on anything to do with teaching and learning.

The Language Centre is an important part of the College structure and offers free support, individual sessions and workshops throughout the year to help any student who wants to develop more effective learning skills.

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