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Year Abroad for Language Students

The Year Abroad offers a unique opportunity to increase your understanding of the target countries and languages. It will help you gain near native competency in the target language and foster the development of intercultural awareness, confidence and resilience as well as a range of transferable skills such as organisational skills, time management and problem solving skills. Above all the Year Abroad experience is highly valued by employers. Did you know that compared to graduates without a Year Abroad, graduates with a Year Abroad experience are:

  • less likely to experience a period of unemployment
  • more likely to be involved in higher-status employment sector
  • have much higher average income

In a recent survey conducted by, 86% of 600 interviewed graduates said that the Year Abroad was the most valuable part of their degree course. Read the full report here

The Year Abroad is a compulsory part of our four-year undergraduate degree for all students of French, German and Hispanic Studies. Students are required to spend at least 24 weeks (i.e. 6 months) abroad in a country (or countries) where the target language(s) is (are) spoken. Students on two or more language degree programmes (e.g. French and German) can split their Year Abroad between two or more countries.

Students need to be officially registered for a degree programme which involves either French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Catalan in order to spend their Year Abroad (or part of their Year Abroad) in the country(ies) where these languages are spoken. For students who are not officially registered for a degree programme which involves either French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Catalan, the College still offers opportunities to study abroad but this is called the Study Abroad Programme. 

Fees and funding arrangements which apply to students on their Year Abroad are reviewed annually. Students will be informed of the arrangements for their Year Abroad when the information has been confirmed by the Higher Education Council in England (HEFCE).


The School of Languages, Linguistics and Film is pleased to offer
15 Santander Universities Scholarships
for the purpose of studying or working abroad. The scheme is sponsored by the
Santander Universities global division. Please contact your departmental Year Abroad Coordinator for details.
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