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Please consider the guidance below before requesting a transfer to writing-up status.

Transferring to writing up status is an academic progression point. In order to transfer to writing up status, you are required to have completed all the collection of data and other materials related to your thesis, be wholly engaged in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the material and, in the judgement of your supervisor, be in a position to submit the thesis within 12 months

The maximum period for 'writing up' is one calendar year for both full-time and part-time students. To transfer to writing up status, you must have completed the minimum registration period (2 years full-time, 4 years part-time) and not exceeded the maximum registration period (4 years full-time, 7 years part-time). If you enrolled before September 2010 (as MPhil) and intend to submit for a PhD, you will only be permitted to transfer to writing up status if your registration has been upgraded from MPhil. Writing up status implies:

  • that you will in future make minimal use of departmental facilities, apart from occasional contacts with your supervisor for the purposes of comment on draft chapters of the thesis;

  • that you will continue to be subject to regular progress reviews by your department;

  • that you will not be liable for fees but will continue to re-enrol during the period of writing up (failure to re-enrol at the beginning of each academic year will result in deregistration);

  • that you will submit the thesis within an overall maximum period of registration of 4 calendar years (7 years part-time).

Writing up status counts as part of the overall period of registration and ends on the date of submission of the thesis. However, you must continue to re-enrol with the College until the Research Degrees Office has confirmed the award of your degree. 

To request a transfer to writing up status, you will need to complete a transfer request form and attach a thesis plan. The thesis plan should include a table of contents, chapter headings and timetable for thesis completion which must be approved by your supervisor and the Director of Graduate Studies prior to being submitted to the Research Degrees Office to obtain College approval.

The writing up transfer form and further guidance is available online from the Research Degrees website.

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